Wednesday, June 16, 2010

As I write it is absolutely pouring and hard to imagine a time when rain was scarce in Melbourne!

I'm a creature who much prefers the warmer months, so I have tried to use this cold snap to work on a few things for Record Attempts. My most satisfying accomplishment recently was designing and constructing my new stand for my market stall. As you can see, it means I can display many more books and my wall hangings as well.

This new display will be in effect at the MARKit market in the atrium of Federation Square on Sunday 11th July, as well as at Rose Street.

Last weekend I had the chance to get away and Pip and I went down to Queenscliff, which I just discovered is part of the Borough of Queenscliffe - yes, with an E. I picked up some records from a few of the op shops down there and Pip got some books from the church that is now a secondhand bookstore.

After looking through the records I discovered this slip from Myer in one of them. Ah, the good old days, when the the tele from telephone was abbreviated with an apostrophe and phone numbers only had seven digits!

Finally, I came across this recently and think it's great!

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